How to use custom (web)-font in Spotfire

Using custom font in spotfire can be tricky (cf I need some information on the fonts that can be used in a spotfire dashboard.. The issue is that the font must be installed in the user machine.

Here’s a way of using custom web font provided by Google Web Font. Those font are free to use and will work on both Spotfire Desktop and Web Version !

Step 1 :

– Create a Text Area and add your text :

Step 2 :

Find your font on Google Web Font and copy it’s name (here : Lobster)

Step 3 :

Insert the following javascript snippet :

function addGoogleFont() {
    $("head").append("<link href='' rel='stylesheet'>");

Step 4 :

You can now add the following attribute to your original text : font-family:'Lobster';

tips : multiple font can be imported at one using « | » as separator :|Open+Sans|Oswald|Pangolin|Roboto|Sansita|Slabo+27px

As usual, the .dxp can be downloaded here : How to use custom font with Spotfire.dxp

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