Dynamic visualization with Spotfire

Did you know?
In 2016, Brazil had a greater GDP per capita than China, South Africa and India. However, between 2006 and 2016, China had a higher evolution of GDP p.a. than Brazil, South Africa and India. Since 1960, the GDP p.a. has increased by 1 252% in South Africa, 1 807% in India and 8 867% in China!

Open Source : World Bank

Step 1

Step 2

That’s not a tutorial, don’t hesitate to open the analysis to know exactly how the analysis is designed

  • Create an IronPyhton script related to a commandbutton to create the « Start/Stop ».
  • Secondly, add the JVS
  • Finaly, develop the HTML

Step 3

  • Enhance the visualizations as you want ;)! As usual the dxp is available for download here


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